heartburn or a burning heart?

southernpoutineaka begging for mercy.  We rarely get up early on Saturday mornings.  I do.  Z does not.  We kind of have opposite schedules.  I like the relative peace of the morning, a lingering coffee wake up on Saturdays with catch up reading on blogs, pinning and watching the odd history show on the dvr.  Lately though, that’s been changed by some stress induced, I suppose, heartburn.  I am the lucky recipient of a new morning routine that includes a half hour wait for Nexium to kick in.   But this weekend, we got up early together and headed out to The Coop to try their breakfast menu.

The Coop is lovely at 8:30 or so on a sunny Saturday morning.   All warm worn wood and southern specialties.  Biscuits, pecan smoked bacon, gravy and such.  I tried the poutine.  For the uninitiated poutine is fries with cheese curds and brown gravy.  For the Southern soul it included sausage gravy, cheese sauce and a fried egg.  Actually, all in all, more than I wanted.  More than I could (or indeed did) eat.  I would have like it in a smaller portion perhaps, with a lighter (is that laughable?) touch?  Skinny fries with some shreds of cheese over plastic cheese sauce?    Really, I’m probably over the poutine fad now, this probably clinched that for me.  It isn’t that it wasn’t tasty, just a little too heavy handed for me.  Have I changed?  I’ve been doing quite a lot to eat lighter-fruits, salads, veggies and fish,  that kind of thing.  Walking it off.   This reinforces my resolve.

People will think you are fancy

I’ve noticed, if you care about food in any specific way, that people most likely think you are also probably a.  a food snob and b. somehow fancy even if you are just eating a hot dog or similar.  I totally think it is possible that I am something of a food snob but it doesn’t mean I won’t eat a hot dog.  I mean, let’s face the facts.  I love handheld foods.  Sandwiches, burgers (the most!) and tacos.  But, I also love to make them in a little bit of a special way at the same time.  Roast turkey with bacon & homemade onion marmalade?  Sure.  Burgers with homemade pimiento cheese?  Definitely.  Tacos with the best heat cutting tastiest sauce ever?  Yes, please.  Call it the high-low effect.  The lowest food brought to the very highest height.   I really just want people (including me) to care about what they are eating.  To find it to be the best taste they had all day, or maybe all week.  Tonight I’m making a recipe for that heat cutting tasty sauce.  It is literally a five minutes and done recipe that makes dinner just a little more special.

Lime Creme Fraiche

By kathy Published: January 26, 2015

  • Yield: about a cup

You could substitute full fat sour cream for the creme fraiche. Creme fraiche is basically like sour cream with a higher fat content.



  1. Dump your creme fraiche into a small bowl. Zest the lime and stir into the creme. Squeeze all that lovely lime juice into the bowl. Swirl together and let rest while you make some tacos or baked potatoes. Sitting in the fridge for a half hour or so is just perfect. Enjoy.

easing back in

I’m thinking things are about to break open!  Super proud to have launched a new book this fall, Around the World with Kate & Mack – A look at languages from A to Z.   I got to have so much input into the project and am just so happy with the outcome.  It tells a complete story about the work of Wycliffe around the world in a way that anyone can understand.   Sold out of a yearly production and purchase of calendars that I oversee for the first time ever (~15,000).  So great to say, I have none left and threw nothing away! And have taken on a new venture, a cafe, the ‘Wycliffe’ cafe as part of my job.  (Food people gravitate to food things I guess.)   I have spent the last couple of months analyzing what we do and, in reality, what it costs.   What people are eating and not eating.  We developed a plan to forge ahead and have been closed for the last week to refresh our look and our menu and Monday morning we will reopen clean and updated and ready to roll!  All this has taken up a lot of my brain and just today, for the first time in a while, have I had the margin to write a little something that didn’t sound like ‘Woe is me, I’m tired or some other muck.’  I woke up, did a great big vegetabally grocery shop at TJ’s for the week and am ready to face the world!  This about sums it up:sassy2